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Dynamic Class

Geared for Success


Student Centered Blended Learning , a technique that seamlessly integrates the advantages of traditional content (paper based study material), teacher/instructor directed learning (face to face sessions) with technology mediated (digital and visual) instructions and the convenience of web based assessments to deliver cost effective and flexible learning options for today's learners

TestBag Academy Dynamic Class combine traditional classroom and lab into one blended class where each participant attends instructor led face to face sessions aided by digital and visual media on projectors along with convenience of computers for each participant for digital instructions and e-assessments

In Dynamic Class, the emphasis is more learning centric and compared to traditional learning where teaching tends quite often to be a monologue, blended learning turns teaching and learning into a shared endeavour

Dynamic Class learning is a more learner-friendly alternative where the role of a teacher is to be more of a facilitator and mentor than just a instructor. Further it saves time both for teacher and learner by administering paperless assessments with automatic results and analytics for feedback, reflection and outcomes

Dynamic Class is transparent, easier to administer and cost effective way for Continuous Assessment. Each learner uses Assessment For Learning (Formative Assessment) at own pace without fear of comparison or grading thus self constructing knowledge with own creativity without being limited to extent of instructor's knowledge and also taking advantages of instructor's knowledge in instructor led / subject matter expert or pattern directed Assessment of Learning (Summative Assessments) for benchmarking.

For details and implementation contact us or mail us at testbag@testbag.com