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Key Features of Assessment Ocean

TestBag , a first of its kind assessment system to provide any how, any where, any time online assessment/testing system with

objective and subjective assessments and
formative assessments and summative assessments

TestBag is Assessment Ocean for learning communities from grade IXth to XIIth , UG, PG and Professionals

It's a well organized ocean where user can search a topic , keyword, key concept or exam using search facilities
Browse topics subtopics arranged in a hierarchical manner giving ease to user to establish link between topics and subtopics while self assessing.
User can also browse categories and subcategories arranged in a hierarchical manner giving ease to user to establish link between category and subcategory while simulating exam or test

Formative assessment (assessment for learning)

TestBag has formative assessment (assessment for learning) system named as Self Assessor, has facilities to enable user to create and simulate self tests on subjects, topic, key concepts from a large knowledge pool randomly based on select parameters such as question types, level of questions for each class, number of questions, time and marks. Tests are simulated instantaneously and results are published immediately after completing the tests detailing answer given and correct answers of each attempted questions.

At present Self Assessor covers following subjects , their topics, sub topics and key concepts - Accountancy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Current Events, Economics, English, General Knowledge, General Mental Ability , General Studies, General Geography, General History, General Economics, General Polity ,General Science, General Computer Science, Sports And Recreation, Geography, History, Insurance, Mathematics , Physics and Political Science.

Summative assessment (assessment of learning)

Test Bag also has a summative assessment (assessment of learning) system named Test Simulator with facility to create and simulate mock tests/ old papers and test patterns for all major exams as well exams for studies done in a predetermined period. These tests are based on previous year patterns specific to each exam or are created by subject matter experts. Mock tests and Old tests have fixed of questions but test pattern generate new tests every time by drawing questions from large knowledge pool based parameters such as question number, types, topics included (in previous similar tests), level of questions, marks and time. All tests simulate exam like environment and first hand experience helps user to put many unfounded fears to rest.

Reports and Analytics

TestBag also has Reports and Analytics system with facility to store details each user wise of previous tests taken to enable each user to benchmark performance, monitor progress and discuss shortcoming with teachers/mentors. In addition the system also provides analytics on topics, speed and accuracy

Students can create peer assessments groups where they can share there test results for collaborative learning

Teachers can create assessment groups class wise or subject wise and can direct generic or specific assessments to the group. The assessment results summary of the group is available to teachers on a dashboard with facility to drill down to assessment results and analytics of each learner in the group.