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TestBag Products

TestBag products serve both as a ready reference material and as an assessment tool that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs in terms of look and feel, content and technology

Off The Shelf Products

For Individuals

Formative and Summative assessments on subjects topics and exams

Can register and take free assessments or

Upgrade to premium account with subscription by prepaid card, credit/debit cards, net banking, cheques and cash

For Schools and Institutions

Bulk sales - of formative and summative assessments on subjects and exams to schools, colleges, institutions – user number wise, time usage wise, period wise (monthly, half yearly) or course wise

Application Service Provider (ASP) Model

For Schools

1. TestBag provides formative and summative assessments to school. TestBag also provides blended learning for initiating geared classes that seamlessly integrates and delivers the advantages of traditional, instructor-led learning and the convenience of web based assessments

2. TestBag also conducts periodic internal assessments for school , colleges and universities

For Colleges and Universities

  • TestBag also offers custom-built solutions that address niche assessment requirements. A team of experts with the finest know-how in domain, design and technology are dedicated to developing customized packages to address all assessment needs.
  • TestBag also conducts online exams for colleges and universities based on specific needs of the exam. TestBag shall collate results and provide requisite analytics

For Coaching Institutions

  • TestBag customized solutions are also available with white (private) label with a link established on the clients' website to enable access to its users. In this scenario, the portal incorporates the client's logo and look & feel on each screen .
  • In addition TestBag can implement blended learning with geared class concept for coaching institutes.

For Corporates

  • TestBag deploys and manages the Assessment Solution with requisite IT infrastructure. Using this outsourcing model, organisation can benefit from hassle free access to assessment content while having to spend less time and effort on technical support issues with respect to the IT infrastructure. ASP model leverages the power of shared computing making it a cost-effective solution. This model comes with attractive price options based on the number of users.
  • TestBag provides solution for Recruitment Assessments and Employee Assessments The solution can be deployed on web to be used by the Corporate. Alternatively the work can completely outsourced to TestBag at TestBag Centres
  • TestBag provides solution for Employee Assessments including Skill gap analysis for employees